The Creative Type

Here is my LO for The Creative Type Challenge prompy 11 framed in

This next prompt is all about framing in your image of choice with your journaling. Whatever way you choose to do it, whether you type it up, hand write it, use stamps or rub ons, use your words to frame your picture!! And as always, work with fun new fonts, dont be type shy:)

this girl


here is my LO for the BASB challenge toscar the Valentine of your dreams…

Some of us are married, some not, some have significant others, some don’t… Sooooooo… just this once, FORGET ABOUT THEM. For this challenge, I want you to scrap a layout, or a Shrine to the one whom you’d be with if you weren’t already so in love with your man (or woman, or youself LOL)! Go all out. Declare your love for Edward Cullen (but don’t let Anilu hear that – he’s all hers, ladies LOL) or Captain Jack Sparrow. Tell the world how much you fantasize about Vin Diesel or how Josh Groban makes your heart melt! Get it out once and for all!

Here is my LO


Questions 4&5

Q4 What do you see when you look in your eyes?

A  Memoires


Q4 back

Q5 How do you feel today?

A  Cold- we had a really snowy day and I just felt wet and coldQ5

Do I believe in faires

 question 3

Do I beleive in fairies I certainly do. I remember chasing the dandelion seeds when I was a little girl because my mum and dad used to say they were faries and if I caught one I would get a wish but I had to catch them carefully and let them go again. We used to have to tell DD that the tooth fairy would wire her money down the phone as she was terrified of her coming into her bedroom. My DH used to write a note on the envelope he put the money in it was years before thye told him they recognised his handwriting

Am I Afraid of Change

100_02841changeThe second question in Emily’s challenge is  am I afraid of change. The answer would be  no a few years a go the day hospital that i was working in closed down i was absolutley gutted is an understatement. I ended up doing a job that was created for me (they didn’t want to pay redundancy) and although I loved the people I worked with I spent the next two years floundering with no purpose, however it finally gave me the courage to leave the trust that I had worked for for a number of years and am now doing a job that I love with a group of people that I love so OK it took me two years to work it out but yes the change had definitely been for the best. So afraid of change no I embrace it.

Fifty Two Questions

The fantastic Emily Falconbridge has started another challenge for the year, I took part in her altered journal back in 2007 and had a fab time so can’t wait to join in with this one. The first question for this year is what are your wishes for 2009 here is my tag showing minequestion 1 front

question 1 back